將世界帶入課室 在課室環遊世界


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Go to Primary or Secondary School

Primary or Secondary School

Bringing international talents into primary and secondary schools, making students more curious about the world.

Go to Corporate Organisation

Corporate Organisation

Curated events that allow for increased work efficiency through better collaboration between team members.

Go to University


ICE takes advantage of the uniquely diverse cultural environment in universities, and offers study trips and other international engagements for students to broaden their horizons.

Go to Member of the general public

Member of the general public

In line with ICE’s values of equipping others with cultural awareness and knowledge to allow them to become their best selves, ICE welcomes members of the general public to try out the various cultural workshops hosted by guests from a range of backgrounds.

We have worked with people from 85+ nationalities, impacted 40,000+ students, 110+ schools to foster cultural understanding and awareness of students through face to face interaction.

About ICE

Connect people to understand the world &
Nurture global minds for a better tomorrow
  • 1. Enable authentic cross-cultural dialogue for global perspectives
    2. Provide a playground for global learning
    3. Deliver high-quality cultural training for future leaders

  • - Diversity 多元
    - Empathy  同理心
    - Respect 尊重
    - Curiosity 好奇心
    - Courage 勇氣
    - Compassion 同情心  


Our team consists of passionate global citizens with diverse backgrounds and talents

Freddy LAW


Till Kraemer

Co-Founder & General Manager

JEY chan

Programme Manager

Aggie lam

Operations Manager

Verena wong

Marketing Communications Manager

Linka Lin


Gustav Johansson



ICE has received many positive comments from governments, teachers and students over the years.

ICE is Hong Kong’s only service provider that brings cross-cultural experiences to youth with trainers from 20+ nationalities simultaneously present!

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