Many remarkable comments were received from the government, teachers and students as an educational social enterprise.

“I think this programme is an amazing experience for me. It’s  can make my outlook more wider, i can learn more culture, languages from the other countries, this kind of things I have never contacted before.”

Katherine, student of the Tung Wah Group of Hospital Lo Kon Ting Memorial College


“You did an excellent job and I don’t think there is any organisation can do the similar thing for students”

Lam Ngai Hung, Vice Principal, Kap Yan Directors’ College


“The students really liked your workshop session. From the small pool of students that I have spoken with, the response was so positive. They felt that it really made them think and discover more about themselves. They felt it to be an incredibly deep and emotional experience that they valued greatly.”

Stella McCracken, teacher in Li Po Chun United World College


“This was a chance of learning that might hardly come again and I really enjoyed the moment with the foreigners.”

Ng Hoi Ching, Stewards Pooi Kei College


“The trainers from Inter Cultural Education Hong Kong delivered a workshop filled with engaging activities and interesting sharing on cultural competence. Through the interactive workshop, the students gained insights on different cultural issues and reflected on their own cultural encounters so that they can be more prepared to excel in intercultural situations.”

REDbird Award Program, HKUST