Currently, students can directly register for one  upcoming programmes:

Please email (ice@interculturaleducation.asia) or call (852-2384-1990) us for more information.

Generally, ICE offers a wide range of programmes that suits schools with different needs and they can be put under three categories namely,

All of these programmes are characterized by the following features and benefits.

Programme Features

  • Engaging   We believe in interactivity. We focus on small group learning with a 1:12-15 teacher-student ratio.
  • Energetic   We believe in experiential learning. We focus on getting students to experience something special, for example, food, clothing, dance and more from non-Chinese culture.
  • Diverse   We believe in diversity. We bring in at least 3 nationalities to each class and let students learn more about the world.

Programme Benefits

  • English Speaking Environment   Interacting with foreigners is the best way to encourage students to speak in English, and ultimately boost their confidence in English communications.
  • Connected Knowledge   Through sharing and exploring cultural differences, students will be able to connect their knowledge of subjects (i.e. economics, geography, history) to the real world.
  • Global Community   Students become increasingly curious to know more about foreign countries and global issues after they have interacted with our international guests.