Arts Xperience: Art@Lunch

“Art@Lunch” is a free-of-charge programme emphasizing community engagement, cultural exchange and diversity.  It is one of the “Arts Xperience” project launched by the Hong Kong Arts Centre which aims to develop creative and free-of-charge arts and culture programmes, bringing the Hong Kong public more enriching local arts and culture events!

As one of the partner of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, ICE brings the Local Global Group (Indian, Pakistan, Nepalese and African residing in Hong Kong) along and offers audiences a series of performances featuring Big Band and Swing Dance, Capoeira Brazilian Battle Dance, sitar music, etc, with interactive elements such as storytelling and jamming to encourage cultural exchange between the performers and audiences.

Past Events:

Sing, Swing, and Art-ing  搖擺聲色藝


How does newspaper Action Art connect to Big Band Swing Music? Come, watch, and dance, as we have opened up the stage for YOU to join a “growing” Little Band and transform it into a Big Band. Just pick up one of the provided instruments and you will become part of this living piece of art, moving through classic American Swing standards, singing, swinging, and art-ing – just as “ing” indicates progressive action, so will the Japanese artist capture the music with newspaper, and create Art that goes with Swing.

InDIA! Dance! Impulse! Arts!


Bharatnatyam? Mehndi? InDIA! Dance! Impulse! Arts! was a good chance to let you know more about traditional Indian arts!  In the 50-minute Indian arts show, participants had found almost every aspect of traditional Indian arts: energetic dance, classical music, unique costume, skillful body art… Participants were able to interact with the Indian performers – make music with them, dance with them, and even make your body part of their art! Co-organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Inter Cultural Education, supported by South Asian artists and performers from Cosmic Dance, the Indian arts show strived to make HKAC a 50-minute India, uncovering the mysterious veil of Indian arts!


Recognition by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council for “Award of Arts Promotion” with The Art Centre for our partnering project “Arts Xperience”

Award for Arts Promotion

African Art video:

Drama art video:

Indian Dance

Capoeira Dance

Swing Dance

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