Our Story

In 2008, Freddy Law, the founder of Inter Cultural Education Limited (ICE), was working for Google in India while Till Kraemer, the General manager of ICE, was a fresh graduate from Oxford University, UK, with a Master’s degree. As both of them grew up in small towns with little awareness on global issues, the international exposure they gained from Google and Oxford opened their eyes to the world and showed them the importance of intercultural competency in succeeding in one’s life.


In the hope of promoting more global exposure among local students, ICE was founded in 2009 shortly after winning the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge. Since then, ICE has operated as a limited company with the model of a social enterprise. In 2013, ICE was awarded The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Micro Fund Award for Entrepreneurship.

Beliefs & Promises


Documentary about our story by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK):

Sharing by Freddy Law, founder of ICE, on InterCultural Education at TEDxWan Chai, 2010: