Testimonial by 2017 IEP Taiwan Participant Gigi Chen

Joining this programme is the best experience of my learning ever. Why? Apart from making this vacation become meaningful, I see my potential future after these days. Due to a serious typhoon, the agenda is cut down into three days, which was more amazing that I could gain that much in the limited days. A Read more about Testimonial by 2017 IEP Taiwan Participant Gigi Chen[…]

2017 IEP 台灣學員 Corrine 感想

第一次在Facebook上看到International Elite Programme(IEP)時,我就很想參與,但在考慮到各種花費後,無奈打消了念頭。幾日後,再次看到IEP的時候,我就決定了,無論如何,我都要去!而現在,我特別慶幸自己沒有缺席這趟精彩的成長之旅。


ICE X 張瑋晉 Kevin Cheung 自製非洲拇指琴工作坊 Thumbiano Workshop

【Inter Cultural Education X Kevin Cheung】 —————————- 夏天又黎到喇,大家係咪覺得今年夏天又熱咗呢?想為環保出一分力之餘,又想體驗下做手工既樂趣?快啲黎參加我地個拇指琴工作坊啦!今次我哋同張瑋晉先生合作,為大家送上一個將廢物升級再造(upcycling)嘅工作坊。張瑋晉先生,Upcycling 產品開發者,會教大家點樣將廢棄嘅單車物料去造佢發明嘅拇指琴。ICE仲會贊助參加者場地同導師嘅費用添!快啲報名參加啦! Summer is coming very soon! Have you planned your summer holiday? Partnering with Kevin Cheung, an upcycling product developer who strives to raise environmental awareness among the public, Inter Cultural Education cordially presents to you the Thumbiano workshop. During the workshop you will be working on Read more about ICE X 張瑋晉 Kevin Cheung 自製非洲拇指琴工作坊 Thumbiano Workshop[…]

“As American as Apple Pie”?

The easiest way to feel more global in the so-called Asia’s world city? View your local food differently! Over 2/3 of the foods consumed globally are not naturally grown in their local, respective countries. And for Hong Kong, due to its land scarcity and suffocating concrete jungle, almost all food ingredients have to be imported. Read more about “As American as Apple Pie”?[…]

An Animated Short Film which reminds you never forget the beginning spirit

</iframe An animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez SYNOPSIS: In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son,Paste. But… what is the correct path? —————— AWARDS / PREMIOS: alike-short.blogspot.com.es/p/awards.html TECHNICAL DATA / DATOS TÉCNICOS: Title / Título: Alike Country of Read more about An Animated Short Film which reminds you never forget the beginning spirit[…]

ICE Travel #1 Kazakhstan Cola 哈薩克版可樂?!

  This is the ICE team first vlog in Kazakhstan, Till and Jey tried the Kazakhstan Cola on the first day, what does it taste like? When you traveling to Kazakhstan, you have to do registration if you stay longer than 5 days upon your arrival. They waited for 5 hours in Astana(KAZ Capital) but Read more about ICE Travel #1 Kazakhstan Cola 哈薩克版可樂?![…]