June 4th Incident: What is it?

Naming In Mainland China, the June 4th incident is often phrased as 1989年春夏之交的政治風波 (the political tempest that occurred between Spring and Summer in 1989) by the government. Western media and governments refers to it as the Tienanmen Incident or Massacre. The general course of events is phrased as the Democratic Movement of 1989 (八九民運). Historical Read more about June 4th Incident: What is it?[…]

Christmas Crackers: A UK Tradition

Crackers are typically pulled at the Christmas dinner table or at parties.  In one version of the cracker tradition, the person with the larger portion of cracker empties the contents from the tube and keeps them. In another, each person has their own cracker and keeps its contents regardless of whose end they were in. Typically these Read more about Christmas Crackers: A UK Tradition

“As American as Apple Pie”?

The easiest way to feel more global in the so-called Asia’s world city? View your local food differently! Over 2/3 of the foods consumed globally are not naturally grown in their local, respective countries. And for Hong Kong, due to its land scarcity and suffocating concrete jungle, almost all food ingredients have to be imported. Read more about “As American as Apple Pie”?[…]

An Animated Short Film which reminds you never forget the beginning spirit

</iframe An animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez SYNOPSIS: In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son,Paste. But… what is the correct path? —————— AWARDS / PREMIOS: alike-short.blogspot.com.es/p/awards.html TECHNICAL DATA / DATOS TÉCNICOS: Title / Título: Alike Country of Read more about An Animated Short Film which reminds you never forget the beginning spirit[…]

India’s Daughter

在印度,每1000個墮胎嬰兒當中,有999個是女生。 2012年,一名23歲的女學生被六名男性輪姦、毆打並殺害。這段在印度禁播的紀錄片(2015)中,紀錄了強姦犯、受害者家人、朋友、當地政府官員、學者等對事件的說法及多角度描述。 Saving the girl child, and brides and prejudice