August 3, 2016

International Elite Programme

Date: 23-26 AUG 2017

Price: HKD $ 2180 


ICE offers scholarships for outstanding students (worth HKD $1000!). Please see information pack for more details.

Application Process:

1. Submit Application: Complete and submit an online application form. For mainland Chinese applicants, please click here

(Optional) Apply for Scholarship: Indicate your preference to apply for a scholarship (if eligible) during the registration process. 

2. Application review: ICE will determine whether or not to shortlist you. If necessary, ICE will contact you for follow-up questions via email or phone. 

(Optional) Scholarship assessment: Scholarship applicants must provide either a reference letter or an essay on Globalisation on society. A 15-minute phone interview will be scheduled if deemed necessary to assess your scholarship application.

3. Wait for Approval: After your assessment is conducted, we will notify you within 5 working days of your registration whether your application was successful. Successful Scholarship applicants will be announced on 28 July 2017. 

4. Make Payment: Once your acceptance is confirmed, you may proceed to make payment for the programme. Payment instructions can be found here.

5. (Optional) Seek Accommodation:If coming from outside of Hong Kong, please search for accommodation during your stay as accommodation will not be provided by ICE. You can contact us if you require assistance.

*We will send regular updates as the date arrives closer to the international Elite Programme. Please stay tuned by checking your e-mail regularly for important updates/news!

Payment Options:

For successful applicants, you will have to make payment of the full programme fee. To see the different payment options, click here.

For enquiries, please email or contact:

ICE office (852) 2384 1990
Ms Lam (852) 6546 2227