September 8, 2020

Explorers’ Month 探索月歷

#StayHomeAndExplore #在家環遊世界

We are almost three quarters of our way through 2020 and with the pandemic still lingering around, many of us feel frustrated with the lack of human interactions and constraints such as the travel ban. This is why we are launching our Explorers’ Month series! We will travel to one country every month with a dedicated guide and understand the history and the way of life through the locals’ perspective, learn their language and participate in an AmateurChef class to cook simple food from the country. We will also be having discussion sessions on important issues affecting the country. All of these will happen through our online channels. Let’s revolutionise travelling and continue on our journey to learn about the world!

4 sessions every month

晨間聊天室 Fika Club
坡仔食堂 Uncle Jey’s Canteen
坐遊世界 Armchair Traveller
跟德佬學外語 Till’s Language Lab

Coming Soon