January 13, 2021

STEM+A 探索編程

Theory is important in STEM, but passion is key. At InterCultural Education we try to develop a desire in kids to learn and understand how technology works. Rather than explaining concepts and then asking students to do projects that reinforce them, we try to start with the project itself–to show kids something they would want to and would enjoy making, and then give them the tools to create it. We hope to instill a spark in them that compels them to keep exploring and creating long after our classes are done.

理論在STEM中雖然重要,但是熱情是在學習過程中非常關鍵。 在ICE,我們嘗試激發學生學習和理解技術運作方式。 除了解釋編程概念,我們會要求學生從項目本身開始,讓學生做想要而且樂於做的東西,為他們提供工具創作。 我們希望學生在學習過程產生更多火花及好奇心,鼓勵他們在完成課程之後繼續探索和創造。

If you require hardware for the below courses, please contact verena@icehongkong.com for details.

STEM+A in Schools 到校課程

STEM for Primary 1 – 6


Scratch x Google

STEM 課外活動

Web Programming

到校工作坊 Workshops – micro:bit


STEM for Secondary 1 – 4

Web Programming

For Teacher Training and Lesson Materials
Contact: verena@icehongkong.com

到校興趣班 / 網上興趣班 / 暑期班

World Education X STEM

Coding at home 網上私人課程

Scratch Game and Animation
Mobile App – MIT App Inventor 2
Swift playground – for Mac Only
Web Programming (html, css, javascript)
Java, Python, C and other languages upon request


Contact: verena@icehongkong.com



STEM class in local school

With 3 years STEM teaching experiences in primary schools and tutorial centres. Has more than 200 hrs Online classes teaching during the school suspension.

Verena Wong
Main Instructor

An engineering graduate from CUHK with experience in electronics, materials, and programming. Has a year of experience as a STEM teacher and many more as an educator and course planner.

Dulanga Jayawardena
Main Instructor

An Oxford Computer Science graduate who is the Co-founder and General Manager of ICE Hong Kong, with 9 years of experience designing courses and teaching secondary school students in Hong Kong.

Till Kraemer
Course Consultant