Calling All Writers! – Guest Posting Guidelines

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While ICE currently only operates in Hong Kong, we would like to involve others overseas as well! We envision a platform where others can read about authentic experiences of life in different countries. No matter where you’re from, there are others who’d love to hear your voice and thoughts! We are waiting in anticipation for what you have to share about your culture and country!

Article Guidelines

  • Posts can be in either English or Chinese
  • Posts should be 300 – 1000 words long
  • Your article should include a title
  • We welcome pictures to be included within the piece!
  • Topics may include (but are not limited to):
    – Social Issues and Social Innovation
    – Countries and Cultures
    – Opinion Columns

Don’t be afraid to send us an email for advice if you’re unsure whether your topic is suitable!


  • If you would like to be credited in your article, also send in your full name, a 2-sentence-long short biography, and a 200 x 200px profile picture. This will be displayed at the footer of your article.
  • Send in a image for the cover photo, otherwise our designer will design one for you.

Article Rules

  • Your article will be published on ICE official Blog and be promoted on our social media platform.
  • Your article may be edited for grammar prior to publishing by our editors. If you would like to preview the changes made before publishing, please specify in your email.
  • ICE does not condone discrimination or plagiarism in any form. Please be respectful to others in your article and cite sources at the bottom of the piece if needed.

By sending in an article submission, you agree to our article posting rules and guidelines. Articles that do not meet our posting guidelines will not be published.

Sending Entries

Made sure you meet our post guidelines and rules, and ready to send in your entry? Submit your entry to ! We will notify you once your article has been approved for posting.

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